Tiny hats

Hello all!

Every year in The Netherlands a company called innocent drinks organizes every year ‘de goedgemutste breicampagne’ and collects knitted or crocheted hats to put on their smoothies. These smoothies are sold in February and with every hat €0,20 is donated to a charity that organizes day trips or other activities for lonely elderly people.

The fun thing about making these hats is that it doesn’t matter what you make. You can make small pieces of art or just an easy hat. Add a pompom and you’re ready. For all not creative people, or people that just can’t knit or crochet. This website let’s you design your own hat!

For some free patterns and extra information see my projects:

Teeny tiger hat, free pattern

Gnome hat, FREE pattern!

Hopefully I inspire other creative crocheters and knitters to make some hats for these elderly people too. Because nobody deserves to be lonely!

And if you participate, don’t forget to send the hats before 9 December.

More info? See de goedgemutste breicampagne

Thank you and see you soon!



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