Knit & Knot spring 2017

Hello hello!

This weekend I was at an awesome event. The Knit and Knot spring edition and it was my first time there. In the Koepelhal in Tilburg a lot of vendors gathered to sell those wonderful yarns, books full of inspiration and some even organized workshops! In the blog alley you could visit your favorite bloggers. (Maybe someday I will be among them).

I usually grade an awesome event on the vibe, the vendors and most of all pictures! I took some, but for a complete impression I suggest you take a look here (it is in Dutch, for the pictures press: impressie 2017).

So, what did I do this Sunday: first of all, with my e-ticket, I was one of the lucky persons to receive a goodie bag, which I did not expect. It felt like the cherry on the top, even before I was in. A lot of vendors sold toys, DIY kits, yarn or books and there were plenty of examples to see. A lot of different workshops were given, like felting, embroidery d’art and painting your own yarn. This time I did not participate in a workshop but I bought a lot of yarn, yes, a LOT! The total damage: 44 balls of yarn and a vintage 70’s book for inspiration. My goodie bag contained a lot of inspiring magazines, including the second YARN magazine from scheepjes (which is one of my favorites magazines)!!!

Knit & Knot will be back in October (14th, 15th and 16th) and I already marked the dates in my agenda! Maybe I will see you there.

See you soon,







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