Amigurumi Monsters

Hey everyone,

Another test pattern that I’ve made is Monty, that you can find in the book Amigurumi Monsters from Amigurumi patterns.

Last year the theme of Amigurumi patterns competition was Monsters! (I also participated and got 12th, Yeey) Every year the most talented designers are chosen to collect their creations in a book.

The book itself contains a very fun intro with lots of pictures, explaining what to do and easy to read patterns. In addition, the basic crochet stitches are explained, so even beginners can have lots of fun with this book. Each pattern is also rated in difficulty so you can chose the perfect project that fits your skill level or needs.

My Monty is a bit greener than the one in the book but I love it. He is my tiny Monsterzilla/ dinosaur that will eat all my chocolate, if I don’t hide it!

But don’t be afraid, these little fella’s will protect you from any monster that still dares to hide in the closet or under your bed!

See ya soon (with some new surprises, I hope)




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