A new store!

Hey you!

Here is another update. This weekend I went to the opening of a new store: Hobbyshop-online.nl (for all the Dutchies/ Belgian/ German folks and even beyond). I really like this store, just for the fact that it has a bride range of products. You can buy yarn, hooks and needles, but also fabric markers, sequins, felt, filling, beads and a lot of other supplies.

You can order online or in the shop. However, it is slightly different than a normal shop. An employee helps you to order your Wishlist online, you can choose to pick it up another time or to wait until the order is ready to go. You can also choose to deliver it at your doorstep. Check their Facebook page or the website for some pictures of the store and their assortment.

The only thing I can show you now is the amazing goodie bag that I received last Saturday!

See you soon!

P.S. Some new patterns and inspiration is coming soon.




To Knit or to Knot

That is the question…

Well Knitting is still on my ‘new skill to learn list’. But I am referring to the knitting and crochetting event that I visited last Sunday.  I was so busy this week, that I forgot to write an update! So here we go:

I love the vibe of the old building (Koepelhal, Tilburg). In the first few minutes I already saw something that I really really really wanted to make. It was a felting workshop and you can make your own rocks… but these are soft and fluffy and just amazing!

Felted rocks

When I finished the first workshop, I got to the second… painting my own yarn. I was looking for a special color for a special project, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I decided that I would make my own. The woman, explaining the technique was so nice. She liked the challenge and I had so much fun. Now fingers crossed that my experiment will work!

After all workshops I decided to check all the nice vendors and what beautiful stuff they were selling. I bought some SMC yarn, for some other amazing projects and two lovely frames with a beetle and an Ant (I love my tiny bugs).

New eye candy!

Last but not least, the day ended with a bang! A goodie bag filled with a whole lot of amazing stuff.

And now I’m off to the next event and finishing some new projects.

See you soon, x

Another year, another crochet contest

Hi there!

I really, really, really need to share this news with you:
Last week Amigurumi patterns revealed the theme of the yearly competition and I’m participating again!!! The theme is fantasy creatures. So I’m going to unleash every bit of fantasy I’ve got and make the most amazing design that I ever made!

When the design is finished, I will share the very first pictures with you and give some more information about voting!

But, if you’d like to participate yourself, check out the website of amigurumi patterns. Anyone with an original design can enter the competition. You can enter your designs until the end of November. Let me know what you made and I will vote for you!

I’m so excited! My sketches are finished, I’ve got the yarn that I need and  now all I need to do is start crocheting!

See you soon

amigurumi design contest 2017