To Knit or to Knot

That is the question…

Well Knitting is still on my ‘new skill to learn list’. But I am referring to the knitting and crochetting event that I visited last Sunday.  I was so busy this week, that I forgot to write an update! So here we go:

I love the vibe of the old building (Koepelhal, Tilburg). In the first few minutes I already saw something that I really really really wanted to make. It was a felting workshop and you can make your own rocks… but these are soft and fluffy and just amazing!

Felted rocks

When I finished the first workshop, I got to the second… painting my own yarn. I was looking for a special color for a special project, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I decided that I would make my own. The woman, explaining the technique was so nice. She liked the challenge and I had so much fun. Now fingers crossed that my experiment will work!

After all workshops I decided to check all the nice vendors and what beautiful stuff they were selling. I bought some SMC yarn, for some other amazing projects and two lovely frames with a beetle and an Ant (I love my tiny bugs).

New eye candy!

Last but not least, the day ended with a bang! A goodie bag filled with a whole lot of amazing stuff.

And now I’m off to the next event and finishing some new projects.

See you soon, x


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