Kreadoe 2017

What a day was yesterday! First off, I’d like to thank Miss Knitwit again for winning two tickets for the ulitmate creative event of the year: Kreadoe 2017. I doubted if I wanted to go this year, but after winning the tickets I didn’t have a choice anymore.

And it was an amazing fun day. First off, I grabbed a map and circled everything that I really wanted to see. Of course, all the yarn related stalls but also felt related ones and some surprises. After that it was just walking around and looking at all pretty things to see. I’ve met Molla Mills, and know that I have to learn Finnish, in order to make some awesome patterns. Or French… but both will be a challenge.

After that I bought some felted balls, no idea what I’m going to do with them but I had to buy them. They look so pretty!

I bought the new Scheepjes YARN. I’m a big fan from the beginning and with a subject as Dutch Masters and being Dutch and having my own Sun Flower… yep, I just had to make a picture!

Dutch masters

Last but not least I wanted to visit De Goedgemutste breicampagne or The Big Knit. Because Wednesday evening I got a great idea: Design a special tiny hat that is really simple, any beginner can make this (I think). I designed the logo from the brand on my hat (which is a bit harder, but hey I know you can do it!) and finished it off with a nice small teeny tiny Pompom!

Tiny hats are cool

I didn’t know what they would think of my hat, but they loved it, yeey! I hope you do too, that’s why, in my portfolio you can find the free pattern to make this unique hat. Which you can make with or without a logo of course!

Btw: if you still want to go, the event lasts until the 5th of November.

See you soon with a new update of my design for the amigurumi design contest and many more!!


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