Needle punch


A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a new workshop called Punchen. I never heard of it before and googled some images and what an awesome technique this is! There are a lot of designers out there that give a modern twist to this technique, although the technique itself exists for ages.

The technique is nothing more than a piece of fabric, yarn, embroidery ring and a punch needle. With the needle you ‘punch’ your yarn through the fabric. The embroidery ring helps you to tighten your work, the tighter it is the easier you punch!

Now back to the workshop: first we learned how to use a Punch needle. It is not that difficult when you get the hang of it. After that, we had to choose what we would like to make. There were some examples to make or you could draw something yourself. Before the workshop I had already an idea of making something in the bohemian/ nature style that everyone seems to like right now and when I saw a picture of a poppy, I just knew what I had to make. So, I had to use my drawing skills in order to start Punching.

The end result
The end result

I started with the black yarn to make the pattern of the flower (I can tell you, what I drew was a bit different than the actual end result). TIP: Draw something big and not too detailed the first few times.  After the black I started with the red and filled some leaves. Just punching away until the shape was full. I personally like that the inner leave is kept white. What do you think?

The techniques show on one side a tight look, which looks a bit like embroidery (but much easier). the other side shows a fluffy end result. You can even combine both sided. you only need to turn your yarn within the embroidery ring.

It is definitely a technique I am going to try again and make some fun things and PERFECT for some left-over yarn and a major cleanup for your yarn stash! Another good excuse to buy some more yarn…

See you soon!




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