C(rochet)ITY TRIP: Vlissingen (NL)

Two weeks ago, I visited my aunt in Zeeland (NL). I always love going to her and visiting the sea (is a great bonus). Normally I enjoy the little things but this time I wanted to do something different, so I planned a mini city trip through Vlissingen.


On Saturday I went to visit Middelburg. The capital city of Zeeland. It’s a city with a vibrant and old look. Lot’s of bars and restaurants to eat (lots of fish).  There was a garage sale, which I always love, and I visited the old abbey. I wanted to do some more but the day went quicker than I thought.  I had also a very nice ice-cream. When in Zeeland you must eat a Bolus. It’s a pastry with sugar and cinnamon. But I had the flavor in an ice-cream, which tasted amazing.


On Sunday morning I woke up early, had some breakfast and went for an adventure. Well an adventure was the understatement of the day.

First, I visited the beach. It is also known as the Boulevard. The beach is next to all kinds of hotels and restaurants and the view of each place is like nothing else. Because Zeeland has a weird shape you can see the sea and on a bright day you can also see the other side of Zeeland. Makes sense, right? That’s why I added a picture below!

I took some amazing photo’s, another hobby I really love doing. But, after a walk on the beach, which was amazing, I got sick… yep. Very sick. I wanted to visit the MuZEEUM which is near the beach, but I didn’t have enough energy to continue. Next time I am visiting my aunt I will definitely go there. It looked very interesting.

The boulevard. On the right you can see the prisonner tower. It’s now a restaurant.

Although very sick there was one last stop on my mini-city-trip-to-do list. A new shop opened there in the beginning of this year and I really wanted to visit this shop… and off course it was a yarn shop. More specific it’s an awesome yarn shop!! *Happy dance*

Knitwit Vlissingen, the yarn shop by the sea

KnitWit Vlissingen is a new yarn store in Vlissingen and from the start I was fascinated by the shop. I knew I had to visit this store. So, although sick, I went to the shop and had a lovely talk with the owner. She selects her yarn to add something to the store and the store itself feels like a lovely warm cozy blanket. All the yarns can be seen and touched, and it looks like a candy shop but then filled with yarn. The store looks very modern, open and cozy.

Knitwit Vlissingen, worth a visit when your near!

There is enough space to let your creativity go and if you look for something specific, you can always ask for help. I, myself, was very curious to feel the hand dyed yarn that is designed in collaboration with the owner and a hand dyer. The yarn is specifically designed for Zeeland and Vlissingen. You have, until now, 5 different color ways.

  • Day on the beach
  • Boulevard, nightfall
  • Vlissingen by morning
  • A color inspired on the sea
  • A color inspired on the beach

I bought myself one day on the beach skin. Not sure what to make from it yet, but I have some ideas which needs some time…

The different types of yarn, inspired by Vlissingen and Zeeland. (lower left corner: a day at the beach skein)

So, my Sunday was not what I planned it was and I went back to my aunt after visiting the shop. But I had still one day left… Monday!

Koudekerke and some good crispy fish in Westkapelle

Another *need to see this* on my list was ‘Het Zeeuws miniwinkeltje’. If you have a car, I think it is worth a visit, as it isn’t in Vlissingen but in Koudekerke. The shop itself is part of an actual workspace and sells all kinds of unique things (T-shirts, keychains, chocolate!) that have something to do with Zeeland. It is a cute store and not always open, so check it first! But I got a lot of inspiration after visiting this little shop.

Than… what we always do when visiting my aunt in Zeeland is eating fish and fries. But not any… no no no. We usually drive to Westkappele and visit Melis seafood. The have the best crispy fish that you will ever eat in your life! So… definitely go there too. I usually skip the fries and only eat the fish. It’s an obsession I think.

When visiting the sea I always love to take pictures

Funfact, next to Melis there is a war museum, and they have an English tank standing outside. It’s very impressive to see and in Zeeland you can see a lot of history. For example, driving to Westkappele will show a lot of bunkers, build by the Germans in the second world war.

You can see the other side of Zeeland.. or Belgium across the sea.

Although it is very quiet here (I know, and I am sorry) a couple of new projects are done and I really have to make the time to finish the patterns and take some pictures. Together with these fun projects I am also working on some other things, for which I need to prepare a lot.

I am also feeling better again (took me a bit longer than a week), so I have enough fresh energy to make sure some blogs are going to be written and some new projects will be introduced.

Do you have a ‘really have to go there’ place? And if you do, which place is it? Or maybe a yarn shop which is like a mini heaven for yarn lovers like me?

See you soon x


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