The re-opening of Wolcafé, Schoonhoven (NL)

When a store re-opens… you must buy new yarn, right?

Yesterday I visited Schoonhoven, a small town in the Netherlands, to visit a re-opening of a yarn store that I know for a while now: Wolcafé. In the beginning of August, I saw that they were planning to move to a bigger place and that they would celebrate the move with a grand opening of the new building. So, I went to Schoonhoven, to see the shop myself…

The big reveal: Wolcafé

When it was finally the 1st of September, I took the car and drove all the way to Schoonhoven to see the shop with my own eyes. I saw so many beautiful skeins of yarn, calling my name… I really had to stick to my shopping list or I would have bought the whole store.

Like a kid in a candy store!! Yarn, yarn and even more yarn.

What I love about Wolcafé is that they have lots of different yarn types, but they also have a lot of accessories. You need eyes? They got them. Labels? Check. Personalized? No problem. Buttons? Punch needles? Other needles? Embroidery rings? You name it they have it.

The shop itself feels very cozy and they really put a lot of effort in the look and feel of the shop. They used crates, sturdy wooden shelfs, old cabinets and a lot of examples to make the store unique. I loved to walk there, although I won’t visit that often because I live too far away.

I bought lot’s of stuff for some new projects and they are going to be amaaaazing!

Immediately when entering the shop it felt cozy and although busy because it was the re-opening, the service was excellent. I had some tricky things on my shopping list but everyone helped me and in the end I got what I wanted! Thank you, Wolcafé.


The silver museum

Because Schoonhoven isn’t nearby I made a daytrip out of it. Schoonhoven is known for their gold and silversmiths and they have a lot of them. But they also have a unique museum which is filled with silver in all shapes and sizes.

There are 3 floors. On the ground floor you can see how a silversmith works. Yesterday there were 2 smiths working. The older man was making a gorgeous necklace. The younger guy was making a ship by embossing the silver. It’s a technique which creates depth by denting the silver.

An old baracks, the silver museum is located on the right side.

The first floor shows the collection silver which shows the history of the Netherlands and which silver was used in different times. The silver started with all kinds of ornaments attached to the teapots or chandeliers and lots of utensils used to be made out of silver. The more I moved to the 1900’s and 2000’s the more modern the silver became. What I even loved more was the way the silver was showcased. Using colors and different ways of placing the silver and using mannequins in the showcases, it all looked even more beautiful than it already was.

A tiny but gorgeous sewing box

I really liked the showcase which was filled with all types of luxury items. A lot of handcrafting (sewing, knitting and embroidery) was done in the time were silver was very important for people to show how rich they were. In the middle of the showcase there was a white box with sewing accessories. I fell in love with that box.

The box was placed in the middle of the showcase and it immediately got my attention. A small scissor, a thimble, some yarn and some other sewing supplies were in it. The box had a small mirror in the cover.

I warned you…. it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

Christofle silver

On the second floor there was a special display to celebrate the 40 years that the silver museum exists. Silver of the very expensive and exclusive Christofle brand was displayed as a grand diner.

It felt like I was in a teeny tiny version of the princess diaries, you know which movie I am referring to right?  I walked in the most amazing hall with my white sneakers and cactus totebag, passing a table of 13 meters and saw the most gorgeous silver objects that I’ve ever seen.

Christofle is a French silver brand, located in Paris and specialized in luxurious silver utensils, decorative pieces and jewels for over 130 years. It was gorgeous to see all kind of silverpieces on the table.

The view, while eating some fish. A very Dutch canal.

After visiting the silver museum, I ate some fish, without the fries. (I really love some good crispy fish) and had an amazing view while eating the fish.

Schoonhoven is a town with a big history and I loved how ‘old’ the place felt and Wolcafé? Certainly worth a visit if you are close! Or you can always order online using their Webshop, Yeey!

Do you have a must see place or shop? Let me know! I’m always searching for some new inspiration and love to discover new places.

See you around,

Diana x