Beginners tiny hat, Free pattern

Isn’t he cool?

This hat looks good on anything!

So here is the pattern:

  1. Start with a chain (31 stitches)
  2. In the second stitch double crochet (DC), DC 29 (30 stitches total), chain 1
  3. Turn your tiny hat and repeat row 2. until you have 12 rows.
  4. It has to look like the beginning of a patch.
  5. Take both ends of the patch and sew together. Do the same for the top. Congratulations, you created your first hat.

Now for the extra’s:

  1. In order to ‘draw’ on the hat, pull your thread through the patch, with your crochet hook, forming a loop (in table 1).
  2. Now, go to number 2 in the table, with the loop still on your crochet hook and put your hook through the hole. Now take the thread from the back of the patch and pull it through the loop, which was already on your hook. Makes sense?
  3. Repeat this step and create your unique design. See the table below for the logo.

Now for the Pompom:

  1. Wind the thread around a fork or your fingers about 40 times, cut the thread and bind your loops tightly together.
  2. Now cut all the loops and cut it in a round shape.
  3. Attach the Pompom to one of the two corners of your hat and your tiny hat is done.

Need any help? Let me know and I will help you!

2 1 9
3 8
4 7
5 6
2 12
3 1 13
4 1 1
2 2 10
6 7

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