Easy winter hat, free pattern

Easy winter hat

Everyone wants a teeny tiny hat! This basic pattern will help you make your own.


  1. start with a magic loop with 6 stitches (6)
  2. Double crochet (DC) in each stitch (12)
  3. DC in first stitch, 2x DC in second stitch *6x* (18)
  4. DC in two stitches, 2x DC in third stitch *6x* (24)
  5. DC in three stitches, 2x DC in forth stitch *6x* (30)
  6. DC in for stitches, 2x DC in fifth stitch *6x* (36)
  7. DC in five stitches, 2x DC in sixth stitch *6x* (42)
  8. DC in six stitches, 2x DC in seventh stitch *6x* (48)

Pom Pom:

  • Check youtube for some awesome tutorials, but here I’ll explain my technique
  • Wind the thread around two fingers for at least 30 to 40 times (depends on the thread).
  • Take a 5cm long thread and put it through both your fingers (you’ll make loops).
  • Remove your fingers and tighten the thread to get nice loops
  • Now, cut the loops and make your pompom look great.
  • Now take the 5cm long thread endings and pull through the hole of the magic loop.
  • Tie the thread to the thread of the magic loop and tadaaa, your tiny hat is done!

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