Something new is coming!

Woop woop!

I finished another project and it is going to be a little secret. If you want to be updated this week I really suggest that you follow me on FB or Instagram!

For 6 days I am going to post one picture and next Saturday, the big reveal will be held here on the blog. *drum rolls please*.

I love this project and I think it is so damn cute! I am too excited to think about anything else.

But these are some exciting times. Not only a new project but maybe some other exciting news too next week. OMG, I am trying to not jump up and down. But it is so difficult to sit still.

Hope you will love this project! It took me a while to finish but now I can finally show you. Next week Saturday! Hope to see you then.

Sorry for the short post. I am going to prep those pictures and make sure everything is ready for the big reveal.

See you soon x (gonna do a happy dance now)


Yarn yarn yarn
Just some yarn, nothing special to see here….


Er is een nieuw project klaar en ik ben zo blij dat ik het jullie nu eindelijk kan laten zien. Maar niet zomaar. Het wordt een soort onthulling en ik zal de hele week via Instagram en facebook een foto posten.

Het eindresultaat wordt dus een groot feestje, verdeeld over de hele week en de grote onthulling? Die is volgende week hier! *tromgeroffel*

Maar niet alleen dat staat er te gebeuren. Er is binnenkort misschien nog wel wat ander leuk nieuws wat ik met jullie mag delen. Nu eerst duimen dat het inderdaad gaat gebeuren!

Het is een korte blog deze keer maar niet getreurd er komt genoeg nieuws aan! Volgende week hoop ik dat jullie me vergeven hebben. Ik ga nu flink doorwerken aan al die foto’s die ik mag gaan posten!

Tot snel x (doet een super blij dansje)




Bye 2017, hello 2018!

Hello all!

I would like to thank you for reading my posts and maybe even making my designs! I have to admit, having a full-time job (and no social life) it can be really tough to have a blog and keep on posting interesting things. But I like a challenge and 2017 was especially about learning what it means to have a blog, what works and what not, how to make some interesting pictures and write about interesting subjects. I still have a long way to go, but I will grow and so will my designs.  I will be back in 2018!

Personally, this year was one with a lot of ups and some big downs, but overall, I think I achieved a lot of my goals for 2017 and I will think of some new ones for 2018.

I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a creative 2018! Enjoy all the little things, make your dreams come true and be with the people you love.

See you next year,


2017-12-24 (2)


Busy busy bee


Pfoe… am I the only one that thinks the end of the year is always the busiest? Buying presents, making gifts, your normal day job seems to be twice as busy as normal and then you also have your daily tasks and to do lists…

This month was not the best month for the blog and some other things really needed my attention. However, I managed to finish my fairy dragon, which will compete in the new amigurumi patterns contest (Isn’t she cute?).

The voting will start the 3th of December, as soon as I have the link I will share it on all my accounts (Facebook, Instagram and here) and hopefully many people vote!

I am trying to finish all the Christmas decoration, but I think that’s going to be next year… well at least I will be ready in time for Christmas 2018! I am also trying to finish some projects and writing the patterns. So, there is a lot of new stuff coming, but combining everything means that sometimes you have to choose. Because I feel bad that it has been so quiet around here I will share a small free pattern with you all very soon.

Oh, and if you made some tiny hats, don’t forget to send them before December 8, all information can be found here (dutch site)!

See you soon!


A new store!

Hey you!

Here is another update. This weekend I went to the opening of a new store: (for all the Dutchies/ Belgian/ German folks and even beyond). I really like this store, just for the fact that it has a bride range of products. You can buy yarn, hooks and needles, but also fabric markers, sequins, felt, filling, beads and a lot of other supplies.

You can order online or in the shop. However, it is slightly different than a normal shop. An employee helps you to order your Wishlist online, you can choose to pick it up another time or to wait until the order is ready to go. You can also choose to deliver it at your doorstep. Check their Facebook page or the website for some pictures of the store and their assortment.

The only thing I can show you now is the amazing goodie bag that I received last Saturday!

See you soon!

P.S. Some new patterns and inspiration is coming soon.



Hard work and some sunflower-power

Well at least I hope so! After tons of pictures, a lot of patience, searching the web for a lot of how to videos. I managed to make my blog the inspirational zone, that I dreamed of. It’s a lot more visual and I think it reflects me really well. For someone that never ever designed or developed a website, I think I did a great job and I would love to hear your opinion!

So, what is the next goal? Well, inspire as much people as possible and put a smile on everyone’s face. You can also start following me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest now! All three are being upgraded as we speak, and pictures are added.

And now I’ll share my latest design! The sunflower-power. Because who doesn’t love those big yellow things. It’s a small pillow and gives a really nice accent in any kids’ room. But anyone that needs a bit of  sunshine in his or hers life will enjoy this little sunflower.

Crochet kids bags

Gosh, I couldn’t say anything about this project but now the first book of Chabepatterns is in pre-sale I finally can!

Behind the scenes, I was very busy testing a very cute crochet pattern and made this adorable tiger crossbody bag!

The pattern was easy to understand and the bags are adorable. Not only the tiger cross body bag, but I love the frog basket and Dino backpack too. Some patterns are easy and others are a bit more challenging, but there are plenty of pictures that can help you and the patterns are very clear. In addition, each stitch is explained in the chapter stitches to help you even more understanding the patterns.

If you like to see the other 18 designs or order crochet kids bags follow this link. It will lead you to the allcrochetpatterns website!

For Dutch folks there will also be a Dutch version of the book and you can already order a copy on various websites.

See you soon!



Knit & Knot spring 2017

Hello hello!

This weekend I was at an awesome event. The Knit and Knot spring edition and it was my first time there. In the Koepelhal in Tilburg a lot of vendors gathered to sell those wonderful yarns, books full of inspiration and some even organized workshops! In the blog alley you could visit your favorite bloggers. (Maybe someday I will be among them).

I usually grade an awesome event on the vibe, the vendors and most of all pictures! I took some, but for a complete impression I suggest you take a look here (it is in Dutch, for the pictures press: impressie 2017).

So, what did I do this Sunday: first of all, with my e-ticket, I was one of the lucky persons to receive a goodie bag, which I did not expect. It felt like the cherry on the top, even before I was in. A lot of vendors sold toys, DIY kits, yarn or books and there were plenty of examples to see. A lot of different workshops were given, like felting, embroidery d’art and painting your own yarn. This time I did not participate in a workshop but I bought a lot of yarn, yes, a LOT! The total damage: 44 balls of yarn and a vintage 70’s book for inspiration. My goodie bag contained a lot of inspiring magazines, including the second YARN magazine from scheepjes (which is one of my favorites magazines)!!!

Knit & Knot will be back in October (14th, 15th and 16th) and I already marked the dates in my agenda! Maybe I will see you there.

See you soon,







Hello everyone,

Here is some extra inspiration. I recently finished Momo and she is a pattern from the book Edward’s crochet Imaginarium. I love weird things and this book is all about your own imagination. The book is divided in 3 parts. These parts let you ‘design’ your own creation or monster. So, you chose a head, arms and legs and the color of the pages tells you how difficult the pattern is. Furthermore, the book has a lot of extra’s and a basic pattern for the body. I finished mine in a couple of days and I think it’s great for a quick side project or a beginner! The yarn I chose this time was a very cheap and quite bulky yarn (for all the Dutch folks, Royal from De Zeeman). One skein is enough to make your new best friend.

I’m sure Momo will get some more friends this year!

See you soon, x



A big thank you!

Woohoo! Thanks, to everyone that voted for Odd, Wobble, Bip and Bop. I still can’t believe that almost 500 people liked my creation and I ended up amongst all the names that inspired me to start crochetting. I am so proud that I ended 12th placed (from all 427 designs). Next year I will be back, with another cute design and a lot more experience!!

See ya!

Jippieeee! Allereerst wil ik iedereen bedanken die gestemd heeft op Odd, Wobble, Bip en Bop. Ik kan nog steeds niet geloven dat bijna 500 mensen op mijn ontwerp hebben gestemd en ik tussen alle namen sta die mij inspireerde om te starten met haken. Ik ben ongelooflijk trots dat ik op de 12e plek ben geëindigd (van alle 427 ontwerpen die meededen). Volgend jaar doe ik weer mee met een nieuw ontwerp en heel wat meer ervaring!!

Tot snel!