Let 2019 be the most fun adventure yet!

A lot of people like to start a new year with some fresh goals. I have been absent at the end of 2018 + January 2019 and I know that for the rest of the year I must be stricter and plan better. Especially if I want to entertain, surprise and mostly inspire you folks!

Why have I been absent? Well I was moving all my stuff (that includes a lot of yarn) to my new home. It’s still not 100% finished but during Christmas I could officially move to the new place. It was almost impossible to combine blogging and moving, because half of the time I didn’t have a laptop, or I didn’t have internet. But with the house *drum rolls* there is also a complete yarn room to create all sorts of yarn related things! You will see the room later, when it’s a bit less messy.

So, what are my new goals for 2019? Well first I will be making a special blog calendar and an Instagram posting schedule. In here I will put some ideas and when they should be going online. Of course, I can always post more, but for this year the goal will be to make at least 12 unique and fun blog posts to read. Some will be pattern related, others life related or maybe I will be talking about a really cool crochet gadget that I found somewhere. Let’s see what 2019 is going to bring me.

For the dutch folks here I have an extra surprise in 2019. I will be blogging for Aan de Haak magazine (my first blog is online, right now!!! You can read it here). So, if you like my writing or this blog, check it out. The blogs are free on the website of Aan de Haak and if you want to get inspired even more, you can buy the magazine in several shops.

So, will I still be designing? Of course! I got plenty of ideas, but some are going to take quite some time to finish. I will try to bend and break all rules that are related to crochet, yarn and designing. Let’s hope some of the ideas will work. That’s why I am trying to make a list with quick and easy things to make, but I will be putting quality over quantity, so if I don’t like the idea or outcome, I will have to come up with a new idea, before I will post it here.

Let’s see if I can make the following goals for this year:

  • 12 blog posts here @ vaemkes
  • 12 blog posts for Aan de Haak
  • At least 3 new designs to inspire you (and I mean big projects).
  • Post more regularly on Instagram and plan
  • One (city)trip to an inspiring shop/ country? Let’s see if my budget can handle this!

Anything else that will happen this year is just a little extra and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

Do you have any goals or things you want to achieve or do this year? I would love to hear them!

See you soon,



A perfect Autumn day @ Woll of Fame, Maasbracht (NL)

Hey everyone!

Not sure if you noticed it yet, but the annual amigurumi contest is back! At amigurumipatterns.com you can find all the information to participate or how to vote. Next month, I will tell more!


Before I could start crocheting for the contest, I actually had to design some new things, pre-historical things. I am not going to tell you what my designs are, it’s a bit of a secret but I love them! The best part this week was buying all the yarn for the new designs in my favorite yarnstore Woll of Fame.

Woll of Fame

Woll of Fame in Maasbracht and although it is one of the yarn shops closest to my hometown, it is also one of the most fun ones. The owners are so helpful and I love them almost as much as I love all the yarn in this store (I have a yarn issue, I know).

I adore the counter. It looks very modern with its wooden frame.

Last year they helped me a lot with Fiona the fairy dragon and choosing the right colors. Although, I did not win I still get a lot of oooh’s and aaah’s on the design. Which they helped me achieve.

So, there I went with my pen and papers, drove to Maasbracht, went straight to the cotton section and started thinking about the colors of this year’s designs. After an hour or so I made the final decisions and bought all the yarn… I can probably make a lot more than just my designs… Well better safe than sorry, right?

My precious little yarn balls

The shop

But, I really want to show you more about Woll of Fame. You’re probably thinking why is it one of your favorite shops? Well, that’s a very good question.

Mostly because I feel welcome and they have the most amazing shop windows, see the picture below!!! I really want to knit some socks now. Definitely worth a visit when you’re around and a lot of choices in different yarn types. In addition to all the different yarn you can buy they have plenty of examples to not only give you a lot of advice but to show you how it will look in the end. What more do you need?

Socktober! Gorgeous knitted socks by a lot of different people. I love this kind of creativity.

The shop itself is very light, which helps a lot when choosing colors and feels modern. Usually yarn shops are fully packed with yarn and it can feel a bit chaotic. But not here. You have a great overview when walking in the shop. There is a large workshop area and they organize a lot of fun things like:

  • Knit/ crochet café (knitting and crocheting with likeminded people)
  • Show and tell (my favorite, every last Friday of the month you can come over to the shop and show everyone what you made!).
  • Special crochet and knit cruises which combines our hobby with a fun day out.

In November they are organizing the biggest Knitting and Crocheting cruiseKnitting and Crocheting cruise through the south of the Netherlands. I think nobody else has done something quite like this before and I still feel sad that I won’t join. But I will be busy moving to my new house, more about that in the next blog. If they organize it again next year I will be there!

The cutest car I’ve ever seen.

Maasbracht by the water

It was a gorgeous autumn day, yesterday and I went to the water side (2 minute walk from the store). You can buy a ticket for a boat tour and see the surroundings, but this time I chose a pub to drink something and went back home. It is an amazing place and if you need inspiration the nature surrounding you, the boats and the city itself have plenty to give. Especially on a perfect autumn day like this one.

See you soon,

Diana x

The famous port of Maasbracht

The re-opening of Wolcafé, Schoonhoven (NL)

When a store re-opens… you must buy new yarn, right?

Yesterday I visited Schoonhoven, a small town in the Netherlands, to visit a re-opening of a yarn store that I know for a while now: Wolcafé. In the beginning of August, I saw that they were planning to move to a bigger place and that they would celebrate the move with a grand opening of the new building. So, I went to Schoonhoven, to see the shop myself…

The big reveal: Wolcafé

When it was finally the 1st of September, I took the car and drove all the way to Schoonhoven to see the shop with my own eyes. I saw so many beautiful skeins of yarn, calling my name… I really had to stick to my shopping list or I would have bought the whole store.

Like a kid in a candy store!! Yarn, yarn and even more yarn.

What I love about Wolcafé is that they have lots of different yarn types, but they also have a lot of accessories. You need eyes? They got them. Labels? Check. Personalized? No problem. Buttons? Punch needles? Other needles? Embroidery rings? You name it they have it.

The shop itself feels very cozy and they really put a lot of effort in the look and feel of the shop. They used crates, sturdy wooden shelfs, old cabinets and a lot of examples to make the store unique. I loved to walk there, although I won’t visit that often because I live too far away.

I bought lot’s of stuff for some new projects and they are going to be amaaaazing!

Immediately when entering the shop it felt cozy and although busy because it was the re-opening, the service was excellent. I had some tricky things on my shopping list but everyone helped me and in the end I got what I wanted! Thank you, Wolcafé.


The silver museum

Because Schoonhoven isn’t nearby I made a daytrip out of it. Schoonhoven is known for their gold and silversmiths and they have a lot of them. But they also have a unique museum which is filled with silver in all shapes and sizes.

There are 3 floors. On the ground floor you can see how a silversmith works. Yesterday there were 2 smiths working. The older man was making a gorgeous necklace. The younger guy was making a ship by embossing the silver. It’s a technique which creates depth by denting the silver.

An old baracks, the silver museum is located on the right side.

The first floor shows the collection silver which shows the history of the Netherlands and which silver was used in different times. The silver started with all kinds of ornaments attached to the teapots or chandeliers and lots of utensils used to be made out of silver. The more I moved to the 1900’s and 2000’s the more modern the silver became. What I even loved more was the way the silver was showcased. Using colors and different ways of placing the silver and using mannequins in the showcases, it all looked even more beautiful than it already was.

A tiny but gorgeous sewing box

I really liked the showcase which was filled with all types of luxury items. A lot of handcrafting (sewing, knitting and embroidery) was done in the time were silver was very important for people to show how rich they were. In the middle of the showcase there was a white box with sewing accessories. I fell in love with that box.

The box was placed in the middle of the showcase and it immediately got my attention. A small scissor, a thimble, some yarn and some other sewing supplies were in it. The box had a small mirror in the cover.

I warned you…. it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

Christofle silver

On the second floor there was a special display to celebrate the 40 years that the silver museum exists. Silver of the very expensive and exclusive Christofle brand was displayed as a grand diner.

It felt like I was in a teeny tiny version of the princess diaries, you know which movie I am referring to right?  I walked in the most amazing hall with my white sneakers and cactus totebag, passing a table of 13 meters and saw the most gorgeous silver objects that I’ve ever seen.

Christofle is a French silver brand, located in Paris and specialized in luxurious silver utensils, decorative pieces and jewels for over 130 years. It was gorgeous to see all kind of silverpieces on the table.

The view, while eating some fish. A very Dutch canal.

After visiting the silver museum, I ate some fish, without the fries. (I really love some good crispy fish) and had an amazing view while eating the fish.

Schoonhoven is a town with a big history and I loved how ‘old’ the place felt and Wolcafé? Certainly worth a visit if you are close! Or you can always order online using their Webshop, Yeey!

Do you have a must see place or shop? Let me know! I’m always searching for some new inspiration and love to discover new places.

See you around,

Diana x

C(rochet)ITY TRIP: Vlissingen (NL)

Two weeks ago, I visited my aunt in Zeeland (NL). I always love going to her and visiting the sea (is a great bonus). Normally I enjoy the little things but this time I wanted to do something different, so I planned a mini city trip through Vlissingen.


On Saturday I went to visit Middelburg. The capital city of Zeeland. It’s a city with a vibrant and old look. Lot’s of bars and restaurants to eat (lots of fish).  There was a garage sale, which I always love, and I visited the old abbey. I wanted to do some more but the day went quicker than I thought.  I had also a very nice ice-cream. When in Zeeland you must eat a Bolus. It’s a pastry with sugar and cinnamon. But I had the flavor in an ice-cream, which tasted amazing.


On Sunday morning I woke up early, had some breakfast and went for an adventure. Well an adventure was the understatement of the day.

First, I visited the beach. It is also known as the Boulevard. The beach is next to all kinds of hotels and restaurants and the view of each place is like nothing else. Because Zeeland has a weird shape you can see the sea and on a bright day you can also see the other side of Zeeland. Makes sense, right? That’s why I added a picture below!

I took some amazing photo’s, another hobby I really love doing. But, after a walk on the beach, which was amazing, I got sick… yep. Very sick. I wanted to visit the MuZEEUM which is near the beach, but I didn’t have enough energy to continue. Next time I am visiting my aunt I will definitely go there. It looked very interesting.

The boulevard. On the right you can see the prisonner tower. It’s now a restaurant.

Although very sick there was one last stop on my mini-city-trip-to-do list. A new shop opened there in the beginning of this year and I really wanted to visit this shop… and off course it was a yarn shop. More specific it’s an awesome yarn shop!! *Happy dance*

Knitwit Vlissingen, the yarn shop by the sea

KnitWit Vlissingen is a new yarn store in Vlissingen and from the start I was fascinated by the shop. I knew I had to visit this store. So, although sick, I went to the shop and had a lovely talk with the owner. She selects her yarn to add something to the store and the store itself feels like a lovely warm cozy blanket. All the yarns can be seen and touched, and it looks like a candy shop but then filled with yarn. The store looks very modern, open and cozy.

Knitwit Vlissingen, worth a visit when your near!

There is enough space to let your creativity go and if you look for something specific, you can always ask for help. I, myself, was very curious to feel the hand dyed yarn that is designed in collaboration with the owner and a hand dyer. The yarn is specifically designed for Zeeland and Vlissingen. You have, until now, 5 different color ways.

  • Day on the beach
  • Boulevard, nightfall
  • Vlissingen by morning
  • A color inspired on the sea
  • A color inspired on the beach

I bought myself one day on the beach skin. Not sure what to make from it yet, but I have some ideas which needs some time…

The different types of yarn, inspired by Vlissingen and Zeeland. (lower left corner: a day at the beach skein)

So, my Sunday was not what I planned it was and I went back to my aunt after visiting the shop. But I had still one day left… Monday!

Koudekerke and some good crispy fish in Westkapelle

Another *need to see this* on my list was ‘Het Zeeuws miniwinkeltje’. If you have a car, I think it is worth a visit, as it isn’t in Vlissingen but in Koudekerke. The shop itself is part of an actual workspace and sells all kinds of unique things (T-shirts, keychains, chocolate!) that have something to do with Zeeland. It is a cute store and not always open, so check it first! But I got a lot of inspiration after visiting this little shop.

Than… what we always do when visiting my aunt in Zeeland is eating fish and fries. But not any… no no no. We usually drive to Westkappele and visit Melis seafood. The have the best crispy fish that you will ever eat in your life! So… definitely go there too. I usually skip the fries and only eat the fish. It’s an obsession I think.

When visiting the sea I always love to take pictures

Funfact, next to Melis there is a war museum, and they have an English tank standing outside. It’s very impressive to see and in Zeeland you can see a lot of history. For example, driving to Westkappele will show a lot of bunkers, build by the Germans in the second world war.

You can see the other side of Zeeland.. or Belgium across the sea.

Although it is very quiet here (I know, and I am sorry) a couple of new projects are done and I really have to make the time to finish the patterns and take some pictures. Together with these fun projects I am also working on some other things, for which I need to prepare a lot.

I am also feeling better again (took me a bit longer than a week), so I have enough fresh energy to make sure some blogs are going to be written and some new projects will be introduced.

Do you have a ‘really have to go there’ place? And if you do, which place is it? Or maybe a yarn shop which is like a mini heaven for yarn lovers like me?

See you soon x

Something new is coming!

Woop woop!

I finished another project and it is going to be a little secret. If you want to be updated this week I really suggest that you follow me on FB or Instagram!

For 6 days I am going to post one picture and next Saturday, the big reveal will be held here on the blog. *drum rolls please*.

I love this project and I think it is so damn cute! I am too excited to think about anything else.

But these are some exciting times. Not only a new project but maybe some other exciting news too next week. OMG, I am trying to not jump up and down. But it is so difficult to sit still.

Hope you will love this project! It took me a while to finish but now I can finally show you. Next week Saturday! Hope to see you then.

Sorry for the short post. I am going to prep those pictures and make sure everything is ready for the big reveal.

See you soon x (gonna do a happy dance now)


Yarn yarn yarn
Just some yarn, nothing special to see here….


Er is een nieuw project klaar en ik ben zo blij dat ik het jullie nu eindelijk kan laten zien. Maar niet zomaar. Het wordt een soort onthulling en ik zal de hele week via Instagram en facebook een foto posten.

Het eindresultaat wordt dus een groot feestje, verdeeld over de hele week en de grote onthulling? Die is volgende week hier! *tromgeroffel*

Maar niet alleen dat staat er te gebeuren. Er is binnenkort misschien nog wel wat ander leuk nieuws wat ik met jullie mag delen. Nu eerst duimen dat het inderdaad gaat gebeuren!

Het is een korte blog deze keer maar niet getreurd er komt genoeg nieuws aan! Volgende week hoop ik dat jullie me vergeven hebben. Ik ga nu flink doorwerken aan al die foto’s die ik mag gaan posten!

Tot snel x (doet een super blij dansje)



Knit & Knot 2018, spring edition

Nederlands & English version combined. (veel foto’s onderaan de blog, lot’s of pictures at the end of this post)

Het is alweer de 4e keer dat ik de Knit & Knot beursbezoek en het derde jaar dat ik er ben geweest. Hoog tijd voor een uitgebreide blog die alle do’s en don’ts beschrijft. Maar eerst een stukje algemene informatie.

Inmiddels bestaat de beurs alweer 5 jaar en dit jaar vierde ze dat met het bloemenfestijn. Ook hier heb ik aan bijgedragen! De beurs wordt altijd 2 x per jaar in Tilburg in de Koepelhal georganiseerd. Een keer in de lente en een keer in de herfst. Wil je meer informatie kijk dan even op hun website: Knit & Knot

I visited the Knit & Knot fair for the 4th time this year and I thought it would be nice to give you a full overview of all the do’s and don’ts. But first I will share some general information about the Knit & Knot fair.

The fair exists for 5 years now and this year they celebrated with a flower fest, in which I also participated. The fair is held every 6 months. Once in spring and once in Autumn in the Koepelhal in Tilburg. If you want more information check their website: Knit & Knot 

Knit & Knot 2018
Welkom!/ Welcome!

Dan nu het deel waarin de do’s en don’ts worden beschreven!

Here are all the do’s and don’ts listed for a perfect day on the knit & knot craft fair.

Een hele slimme do is je kaartje vroeg kopen: €8,50 is toch geen geld voor een hele leuke dag?! Maar dat is niet alles, de vroege beslisser krijgt een gratis goodiebag! Geloof me, die zijn gevuld met de leukste dingen en ik heb er in de loop van de tijd al een aantal verzameld.

A very smart do is buying your ticket very early. It’s cheap and you will get an amazing goodiebag (at least all the times I went, I got some amazing books/ magazines and free yarn! Yeey!

Do: voor degene die het liefst me de auto komen, kom zondag. Tenzij je natuurlijk die ene BH’er of BB’er (Bekende Haker of Breier) wilt zien. Het is gratis parkeren en nooit heel druk.

Do: Are you travelling by car? visit the craft fair on a Sunday. Unless you want to meet that special or famous person on another day. There is free parking on Sunday and when you come early there is enough space to park the car near the fair.

Don’t: Vergeet je kleingeld niet, de wc-juffrouwtjes vragen een kleine bijdrage voor een schoon toilet.

Don’t: Forgot your change. You need some change money for visiting the toilets.

Do: Er zijn ontzettend veel workshops, allemaal hebben ze te maken met wol, draad, haken, breien, weven, borduren of vilten! Kijk dus zeker even naar het programma. Ik heb zelf de workshop van keigoed vilten gevolgd. Een aanrader net als je eigen garen verven bij DraadKracht.

Knit & Knot bloemenfestijn 2018
Knit & Knot bloemenfestijn 2018

Do: There are a lot of workshops and I definitely recommend to follow some. I already joined Keigoed vilten (felting techniques) and DraadKracht ( dyeing your own yarn) and learned a few new techniques and made some cool stuff.

Don’t: Je kunt er pinnen maar ik zou zeker ook contant geld meenemen. Je weet maar nooit…

Don’t: You can pay by card but I would also take some cash with you. You never know…

Don’t: Er is een beperkt aanbod van broodjes en het is misschien wat aan de dure kant. Een tip! Ik eet er altijd een lekker stukje appeltaart met een kopje thee (koffie kan natuurlijk ook altijd). Maar dit jaar heb ik ook een Brabants worstenbroodje geprobeerd en ook die zijn erg lekker!

Don’t: If you want to eat at the fair it is quite expensive and there is not a whole lot of choice. I always take the apple-pie with some tea (but there’s also coffee if you prefer that).

Do: Kijk de beurs 1, 2 of misschien wel 3 keer rond. Als je de ene keer linksom en de andere keer rechtsom loopt zie je veel meer leuke dingen die je anders gemist hebt. Zo heb ik dit jaar de beurs wel 5x gezien omdat ik persé een 50 grams bolletje wol moest vinden (en het is me gelukt)!

Do: Walk around for a couple of times. you will see more interesting things and it’s not that big so you’ve got plenty of time to discover all the gems that are hidden. For example: I really needed a 50gr. ball of yarn in a specific color. I searched everywhere but I found it!

Do: Praat met bloggers, verkopers of enthousiaste eigen ondernemers. De meeste hebben bijzondere verhalen die je zeker zullen inspireren. Dit jaar heb ik Sietske van Sietsaandehaak ontmoet en Alexa Boonstra van Amilishly Designs. Beide meiden hadden prachtige werkstukken meegenomen om je te inspireren en daar heb ik dan ook zeker wat foto’s van gemaakt! Zelf vond ik het ontzettend spannend om bloggers dit jaar aan te spreken en om foto’s te maken. Maar dit bleek achteraf alleen maar superleuk en gezellig!

Do: Talk to bloggers, sellers and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. They have some amazing stories to tell and will inspire you. This year I met Sietske (Sietsaandehaak) and Alexa (Amilishly Designs). Both girls had some awesome projects with them to inspire you and I made some pictures for you so you can see for yourself, why I find these girls so talented. 

Amilishly Designs
Deze schattige poppetjes worden ontworpen door Alexa (Designer: Amilishly Designs)

Amilishly Designs
Sfeerimpressie van de bloggers tafel/ Impression from the bloggers table

Deze prachtige shawl is ontworpen door Sietsaandehaak en was te bewonderen op de beurs (Designer: Sietsaandehaak)

Nog een andere Do: Attelier ooievaar vind ik persoonlijk altijd erg leuk. Ze maakt miniatuur breisels en ze zijn zo ontzettend mooi! Alsof je in een sprookjeswereld bent beland.

Another do: Atelier de Ooievaar has some very rare skills. She designs and knits teeny tiny knitted dolls like this mouse below! Each project is like a tiny fairytale world.

Atelier de Ooievaar
Dit schattige muisje was te bewonderen bij de Knit & Knot (atelier de Ooievaar)

Do: De beurs is open van 10:00 tot 17:00. Heb je veel gepland heb je de tijd zeker nodig. Loop je vooral langs de kraampjes kun je er zeker een bezoekje aan Tilburg aanplakken. Met een beetje geluk ben ik er volgend jaar misschien zelf wel als blogger en kun je me hier zelf aanspreken!

Do: The fair is open from 10:00 to 17:00. If you planned a lot of workshops/ masterclasses or you can’t say goodbye to all those pretty balls of yarn, you will need the time. If you want to be inspired and buy some stuff, you can also visit the city Tilburg, there is plenty of time to have a fun and creative day. With some luck you can see and speak to me, as a blogger, at the next Knit & Knot fair.

Vooral veel Do’s dus. De sfeer is ontzettend gezellig, inspiratie genoeg en voor iedereen wat anders. De koepelhal zelf is al een bijzonder gebouw en je kunt er genoeg leuks kopen voor je volgende project. Misschien zie ik je wel bij de volgende editie!

A lot of Do’s to visit this fair. It is a very cozy and comfy fair, with lots of opportunities to get inspired and for everyone that does something with yarn, felting, knitting, crocheting or something else containing yarn and fabric. 

Tot de volgende Knit & Knot!

See you on the next Knit & Knot!

Knit & Knot spring 2017

Hello hello!

This weekend I was at an awesome event. The Knit and Knot spring edition and it was my first time there. In the Koepelhal in Tilburg a lot of vendors gathered to sell those wonderful yarns, books full of inspiration and some even organized workshops! In the blog alley you could visit your favorite bloggers. (Maybe someday I will be among them).

I usually grade an awesome event on the vibe, the vendors and most of all pictures! I took some, but for a complete impression I suggest you take a look here (it is in Dutch, for the pictures press: impressie 2017).

So, what did I do this Sunday: first of all, with my e-ticket, I was one of the lucky persons to receive a goodie bag, which I did not expect. It felt like the cherry on the top, even before I was in. A lot of vendors sold toys, DIY kits, yarn or books and there were plenty of examples to see. A lot of different workshops were given, like felting, embroidery d’art and painting your own yarn. This time I did not participate in a workshop but I bought a lot of yarn, yes, a LOT! The total damage: 44 balls of yarn and a vintage 70’s book for inspiration. My goodie bag contained a lot of inspiring magazines, including the second YARN magazine from scheepjes (which is one of my favorites magazines)!!!

Knit & Knot will be back in October (14th, 15th and 16th) and I already marked the dates in my agenda! Maybe I will see you there.

See you soon,